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About The Fine Folks at

Our Mission

We're dedicated to unlocking the creative power of Lego® enthusiasts. Our goal is to offer a service that's easy to access, environmentally friendly, and fosters community engagement. We enable builders of all ages to explore, create, and share without the burdens of purchasing and storing sets.

Our Story

The idea for sparked in spring 2022 when our founder, Jaki, faced the challenge of storing over 50 new Lego sets her daughters received as gifts. The struggle for space led her partner to muse about the convenience of renting Lego sets. This idea stuck with Jaki, who, after extensive research and finding no service meeting her criteria, decided in 2023 to launch—a top-tier Lego rental service prioritizing customer satisfaction, limitless building, and freedom from high costs and storage woes.

Our Service introduces a distinctive rental model, offering a broad selection of Lego® sets to fuel your imagination, shipped for free to your doorstep. Once you've completed your rented masterpieces, return them and await your next creative challenge. This approach minimizes waste and promotes a community-centric sharing culture.

Our Commitment

We pledge to deliver a flawless and enjoyable customer experience. stands on pillars of quality, eco-consciousness, and communal values. Each Lego set is meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and checked, ensuring a safe and delightful building experience for every user.

Our Community

Echoing Lego's inclusive spirit, we aim to cultivate a community where everyone feels welcome to share their creations, discuss future endeavors, and express their Lego passion. We hope to add more community features over time.

How To Reach us

We’re always here to connect with you! Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to share your Lego® creations, we'd love to hear from you. For detailed inquiries or support, please visit our Contact Page. You can also reach us directly via email at If you prefer sending snail mail (or have a rental return) our physical address is:

Brick Drop Co LLC
PMB 128
9801 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Your thoughts and ideas are important to us, and we're committed to providing the support and information you need. Let's keep building this community together!

Join Us

Step into a realm of infinite Lego® adventures with Be part of a community that champions imagination, ecological responsibility, and the sheer fun of building. Together, we'll construct extraordinary things!

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